I found and weighed The Universe.

Over 10 years ago I was asked to clear old and neglected rooms in an estate agents office in my home town. The building used to be a pub with boarding, no further explanation for my find was available other than a guest or one of the early office staff had left the Universe there.The object is a ‘Planesphere’, a card device consisting of a disc with a map of the whole night sky that held in a frame with windows that allowed a study of the known universe and its position at any time.A brass hanging hole at the top inspired the addition of a brass letter scale from the same period that I had in the house.United, the 2 found objects represent so much meaning.And in reality this ‘image’ of The Universe weighs only one mark or half a pound on the scale.Thus the question implied… what real meaning do the efforts to understand gravity and the mass of The Universe that science spends so much effort have?