The pool in the sky

In Vancouver British Columbia, We were staying near the pictured building.

The images don’t do it full justice; it is a swimming pool on the 18th storey, the bottom of the pool is glass and allows the swimmers to view the drop below, and passers-by to see swimmers 100s of feet above their heads.

Amazed by the realisation of what I was seeing, I had to think:

Is this the pinnacle of human progress?

Tintern Abbey

Tintern Abbey in the Wye Valley of Wales was a French Benedictine Monastry for 100s of years in the middle ages.

It grew, thrived and expanded with tremendous labour from the monks and attached staff and workers.

The fish laden waters of the Wye and lush pastures of the valley made it self sufficient and wealthy.

In the C14 The Black Death decimated the population of Europe and Tintern was a heavy casualty. 60% of the population died and there weren’t enough labourers to maintain the farming.

This weakened state and decline made it even easier for Henry VIII to attack and steal all they had, to destroy the Papal and French control of the area.

Many still mourn the loss of the windows and sculptures and interior of the church and surrounding buildings. But for 500 years it has been a romantic and beautiful symbol in its own right of the transiency of man’s worldly efforts the valley itself is the special place.

Whatever we add to it is extra and one day shall pass.

“No stone shall be left on another.”