Plastic Life

These 4 pieces of sea weathered plastic were found on the Welsh coast many years ago.

They have weathered to look similar to seashells.

I have always wondered about how their origin in Crude Oil deposits which were laid down in ancient times by the skeletal remains of sea creatures, is just another cycle of life.

Perhaps, with time, the life of today that evolves to gain nutrition from plastics in the environment will thrive in a further stage of Darwin’s theory?

The images with a strong LED light glowing through them, reveils their structure and nature further.


Outside I’m still

sometimes at sleep

or trying to be still

I stir

inside always.

Never stopping stirring slipping

straining to be still

to be clear.

Knowing I’ll be free of it,

stirring inside trying to get out.

Be still in me.



Cedo Nulli


Terminus in rock form refused to be moved to allow the new temple to Jupiter to be constructed in Rome.

Symbolizing the humanist stance against superstition,

Erasmus adopted the tale as his motto and Holbein depicts him above as the human/rock Terminus, willing to stand down only to death.



Symbols and numbers

The box contains my steroids for the weekly treatment, the symbols and numbers are mnomicsĀ  from my latest game based on the work of Da Vinci.

All working their magic.