The Last Resort of The Welsh

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This hillfort on the Llyn Peninsula Gwynedd Wales, is accessed after a steep and spectacular climb up heather lined paths, often wet very rocky.

From the top you really are on top of the world.. The Celtic Ancient World. There are modern roads to look down on, but little else has changed since it was constructed, surely,  as The Last Stronghold.

There are the low walls still of 130+ circular huts inside a giant protective wall 100’s of meters in circumference and at least 5m thick!

Let us imagine an invasion of sorts, Roman, Irish, Viking it doesn’t matter who, you could house 1000+ people up here. No one can approach without being seen or being extremely vulnerable to repulse.

There is still a water source which was better in the past when cared for; a store of food would have been maintained in times of danger.

On a clear day you can see as far as 60K in any direction. If boats approach the coast you have time to retreat or greet them; it is entirely possible that trade from these parts of copper, lead or gold attracted merchants from as far as Phoenicia.

Nowadays the greatest treasure here is peace and nature. These pictures are from my first visit there, I also climbed up with good friends in September 2016 only 3 weeks before being told I had cancer.

It’s good to know that retreat to a position of strength works well as a long term option.



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