As my long stay and devotional work in America was coming to an end, this series of super-coloured images came out of me too. I improvised each on into big boards with my favourite chalk pastels. Getting very dirty and colourful hands always seems to be the way to create… forever a potter.

Fosake to say my long immersion in anthropological philosophy and pedagogy was being challenged by the ugliness of life’s tortures.s

Images of revelation and questioning sprang forth, mostly biblical.

How to judge them is still unclear to me.

They were a good rehearsal for todays troubles.IMG_20171104_142550_kindlephoto-57661537

3 thoughts on “Devotional

  1. Floating or drowning? Extending hands through the prison bars? Devotional: does it imply help from above to endure? Or a cry for help gone unanswered? Sorry the comment is composed entirely of questions

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      1. I’m never sure I’ve go my head in the same space as the artist. Especially that which is so personal. I’m looking back at two of the posts I missed at the moment.


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