4 thoughts on “Self portrait 2017 with chemo and steroids.

  1. The colors and the bold irregular lines say pain, worry, maybe even anger and yet your face seems rather at peace. Your health has stabilized I hope? You’re very brave, Tim.


    1. None of us can truly say our health is stable. We are all on the slippery slope. Sorry to sound miserable you’re obviously doing well and young and lively. I am enjoying the passing on of my enthusiasm for the best bits of life before I go. Thats all we can hope for really. I did a lot of work caring for and and encouraging others thats very important.

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      1. Of course. I don’t think it sounds miserable, it’s quite realistic. I’m not that young but I’m glad I come across that way. And it sounds like you have made your time count. I wish I could say the same. I am poised to disappear without a trace when my time comes. Oh my… now who sounds miserable?! Sorry!


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