Self Portrait under bright light

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1990 As part of my teacher training at London University, A period of self assessment and analysis was necessary.

With a very bright light from one side, a photograph led to a collage of white, grey and black card.

This has always been one of my favourite images, it still calls on the viewer to search for what isn’t overt ; as all good art should .

What were the social and metaphysical meanings Klee was implying?

Self knowledge through self portraiture is a complex path in itself. You have to have a certain confidence in your art to try to capture what is in the mirror.

Perhaps the method I used above was cheating?

8 thoughts on “Self Portrait under bright light

  1. I’ve attempted two self portrait sketches, both of which are from photos of my much younger self. I think I still imagine myself that way when the mirror tells a different story. The collage idea is an interesting one… yours turned out great.

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    1. Thank you. Rembrant, Van Goch, and as Cake tells us, Durer, all persisted throughout there lives in staring at the mirror and producing some of the greatest images of all time.
      I disagree with Mr eclair, cream bun, whatever, Rembrants’ self portraits are the greatest, done throughout his life with courage bravado and great humour.

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